I am Gemma Carey Clarke and qualified as a primary school teacher in 2006 worked for 10 years in various mainstream and alternative settings. My interest in working with children with additional needs lead me to an Msc in Inclusion and Special Education in 2009.  I soon realised that children cannot learn if they are emotionally unregulated, are stressed and overwhelmed.  As a keen yoga practitioner from age 18 I decided to retrain as a yoga teacher to help share the benefits of yoga that I had experienced myself.  I discovered Special Yoga, with Jyoti Manuel, and found that all of my experience just clicked together and I realised that all children can benefit from the Special Yoga methodology.  

I am now based in Norwich and share these yoga and mindfulness practices, specifically adapted to reach children with additional needs and challenges.  It is a fun, natural, non-judgemental therapeutic approach which helps children self-regulate, manage tricky emotions and feel more connected and content.