Yoga in School- Gemma came to our school today and did a taster session with about 15 children all of whom have Autism. It was brilliant, the children were so engaged, calm and responsive. Gemma interacted with the children so well and pitched the session perfectly especially as the age range was from 5 years old to 12 years. Pupils who normally find it very difficult to focus and join in with activities were fully engaged for the whole session, it was lovely to see. Some of the pupils were reluctant to join the whole group, but Gemma was happy for them to watch and or join in at the side of the hall.

Caroline Jones- The Wherry School

Yoga in School- Thank you so very much for the session you did with our class on Tuesday 6th March. The class thoroughly enjoyed it - as did I! They were all really enthusiastic about trying something new and I thought they coped really well. In a new environment they can be nervous and sometimes behaviour can be different, but they were super. They all commented on how calm and relaxed they felt afterwards and they really enjoyed it.  Thank you for your time; your calming presence; the encouraging way you spoke to the pupils and for engaging with them so well. We really enjoyed our time with you - thank you! 

Helen,Senior Teacher, Rockland St Mary's school

Family Yoga- Gemma is amazing. Our work was holding a retreat for families over the weekend. We booked Gemma to do a family yoga session for 30 children and parents. The children were from age 18 months to 14. Everyone had a great time and participated. She was able to keep their attention and made everyone feel welcomed. Gemma brought all the equipment and was very punctual. We highly recommend!

Chandra Urzen

M (7 years 1:1 yoga therapy) – When M first started yoga therapy, he was, as his dad described him, ‘bouncing off the walls.’ M initially resisted relaxing – it was an uncomfortable, alien feeling to him, as he was used to being on high alert.  Using a child-led approach, little by little he started to understand it was OK to allow himself relax. Having his dad (his hero) doing yoga alongside him helped M realised it was actually fun to do yoga and it felt good to move his body, breathe and relax. He even made up his own yoga moves to teach us!  He started to feel safe, and his need to control lessened. By allowing himself to relax, he said he felt happier and more peaceful inside. 

A (11 years 1:1 yoga therapy) – A called herself ‘the girl who is scared of everything’. She was constantly anxious and tense, and very shy at school. However, physically she was incredibly strong.  We practised some quite challenging yoga poses which enabled her to release some of her nervous energy and breathe deeper.  She would often get fits of giggles during sessions and had the most infectious, wonderful laugh! She said she never laughed at school – she stayed quiet and kept everything inside. But by creating a safe space for A, she learned, with her mum, she can be herself and worry less.  She was fascinated to learn how her mind works and how she’s not the only one to experience anxiety. Together we worked out coping strategies, such as deepening her breath when she feels nervous, and discussed how to honour our worries but also to focus on gratitude. These open, honest sessions with her mum helped her realise she’s not alone.